News and Events

  • Rudeness, Responsiveness, Respect… a Bridge Over Troubled Email Waters

    June 2014

    Check out at Jim Finkelstein and Margaret Walker’s Huffington Post Business blog providing insightful perspective on email etiquette!

  • Three Comp Guys!

    June 2014

    Ben Teichman, Jim Finkelstein and Kyle Jaimerena at a client presenting FutureSense’s Compensation Assessment for all of their entities. Just doing what they do best, looking sharp and consulting!

  • Making Sense of the New Co-Generational Workplace

    June 2014

    Take a deeper look at Millennials in the workplace as we highlight an excerpt from Jim Finkelstein’s thought-provoking book “FUSE - Making Sense of the New Co-Generational Workplace”

  • Client Retreat

    March 2014

    Margaret and Jim of FutureSense at the end of another successful client retreat!

  • The Exchange for People Strategy

    March 2014

    We would like to highlight a great new monthly magazine called The Exchange for People Strategy. This publication includes the most cutting edge information on people strategy. FutureSense is proud to be a part of the Grahall network - a leading global exchange of consultants dedicated to a deep appreciation of the impact of individuals on organization success.  Jim is a founding sponsor and contributor to this magazine and we encourage you to check it out and, of course, read his monthly column - LIGHTING THE FUSE: IGNITING THE POWER OF PEOPLE.  Click HERE to take a look.

  • How Do you Apply an Organizational Leadership model?

    March 2014

    How can a company introduce a leadership model across an organization that can foster employees’ sense of ownership, morale and level of engagement? Read Margaret’s advice here.

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