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Everything we do incorporates the following critical elements


Help discover employee purpose to drive fulfillment, engagement, and performance within your organization. Imperative, our scalable, data-driven platform provides the tools needed to unlock purpose for individuals, teams, and your organization.


Assess your organization’s culture and identify tactics that strengthen its values, personality and character.


Evaluate and recommend custom tactics that address barriers to attraction.

Develop and implement talent acquisition strategies that help you find and retain the best candidates for your organization.


Work collaboratively with your leadership team to formulate strategic plans, tactics and timelines that align with organizational goals.


Provide supportive exit strategies and outplacement resources that help create seamless transitions for employees leaving your organization.

Our services cover the depth and breadth of executive and employee experiences

Total Rewards & Motivation:

Build rewards programs that reinforce natural drivers of individuals or groups, whether intrinsic or extrinsic.

Create rewards programs that integrate your compensation programs with your business goals.

Review and design programs, strategies, and philosophies that engage pay change implementation and drive success through strategic communications, guidelines, and tools.

Succession & Workforce Planning:

Create succession plan strategies that help you identify and position high-potential employees for success.

Develop workforce plans at the employee, sales, or executive level to proactively resource needs before they occur or when they happen.

Acquisition & Engagement:

Build strategies to help you create efficient talent acquisition processes and positive candidate experiences. Nationwide executive level recruiting support services in healthcare through our sister company Summit Talent Group:

Build a dedicated database for physician talent that aligns with your organization’s culture, vision and goals.

Easily search for Executives, Mid-Level Leaders, and Physicians when a position becomes vacant.

Retain high quality talent for open positions.

Change & Sustainability

Apply proven Organizational Change Management practices and tools for managing the effects of new business processes, changes in organizational structure or cultural changes within your enterprise.

Sustainment plans that help to make change “stick” long-term.

Organizational Change Management training to equip your staff with the knowledge and tools needed to manage the effect’s change.

Performance & Development:

Create strategies that help you enhance your performance management processes while providing management and employees with the tools needed to enhance interactions and improve performance.

Create and deliver custom programs that build skills and competencies

Leadership & Coaching:

Teach, mentor, and coach individuals from supervisor to director level to promote growth in management and leadership skills.

Executive level coaching services in healthcare through our sister company, The O’Brien Group, which utilizes solutions that enable rapid, permanent and positive change by transforming and empowering executive and physician leaders.