Want to see our vision for the future of purpose and fulfillment in senior living?



The Response

We know time is the most valuable resource for healthcare managers, therefore FutureSense and Imperative have partnered to develop ValueSense(TM) - a set of tools, resources, and training to help health care managers provide high touch management, with a low level of time commitment.  

Powered by the science of Imperative, but customized to meet the needs of managers and leaders in the entire healthcare spectrum - from senior living to acute care hospitals.

The Science

For years, the team at Imperative has been refining the science of purpose and fulfillment and have found: 

Employees who are fulfilled find this sense of purpose and engagement through

Relationships: I have meaningful relationships at work.
Impact:  My work makes an impact that matters to me.
Growth:  I am growing personally and professionally at work.

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Employees who report a sense of fulfillment and purpose in their work are:

  • More likely to stay at their organization for at least 3 years,

  • 46% more likely to recommend their organization to others, and

  • 50% more likely to be in leadership positions.

How Does it Work?

The name of the game is RIG - Relationships, Impact, & Growth.  The ValueSense Program allows managers to lead their staff through the Individual Fulfillment Measurement Model from identifying individual desire for fulfillment to understanding what fulfills staff to ensuring that fulfillment is built and sustained on the team.

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The ValueSense program provides:

  • Assessment of RIG - ValueSense™ gives you a clear picture of what drives fulfillment for your staff and their current state of fulfillment.
  • Access to Tools & Training -  ValueSense™ offers flexible training options for leaders and access to understand the science behind purpose & fulfillment, as well as tools to help identify how to help build fulfillment for your staff.
  • Action Planning for Sustained Fulfillment - Both leaders and staff are given tools and resources to continuously monitor and build fulfillment at work

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