Pay and Beyond

FutureSense has provided solutions for compensation and rewards since our inception in 1995. We love partnering with clients who want solutions crafted to their specific needs. We work with companies of all sizes,, types and locations. Whether you need a quick evaluation, help with a complex project or long-term support, we can help.

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Compensation Consulting

Compensation is about building integrated, holistic programs of reward and motivation that support your unique culture, "melt the butter" of your people, and are pragmatic in financial constraints and results. We specialize in simplifying complex compensation issues by designing programs that make logical business sense, align all stakeholders, and maximize the effectiveness, efficiency, and engagement of your people.

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Compensation Resourcing

This is the FutureSense solution for when you have too much to do yourself, or may not be able to justify the cost of an internal compensation professional. Our team provides day-to-day, assistance and extra support during peak periods.

We become a extension of your Human Resources and Compensation team and provide expertise and heavy-lifting that allow you to focus on your priorities

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Incentives, Equity, Executive Pay and More

Pay for performance is the goal of every company. We provide evaluation, risk assessments, strategy, plan design, plan optimization, communications, and modeling for all types of incentive plans.

We have unrivaled equity compensation expertise. Our process for bonus and short-term incentives is efficient and proven to be effective. We focus executive compensation solutions on small, private or not-for-profit companies many consultants avoid.