A Message from FutureSense


"Begin to let go of the parts of life that were never for you ... The parts you chose for others. The parts that feel heavy. The parts that keep you stuck. Once you get rid of those things and start pursuing what you actually love, you'll begin to feel what being free really means. You'll be living from your soul"  -- Mark Groves

How are you living this year?  As 2016 kicked off, many of us made New Year's resolutions but research shows less than 10% of those goals will be achieved.  Are you still on track with your own?  So just how do you ensure 2016 isn't the same as 2015?  You tap into what you love!

At FutureSense we're passionate about knowing what melts our butter and doing what we love.  You can read our team's responses below, but we'd love to hear from you - what is your purpose?

Please comment below to tell us what your purpose is. We'd love to hear from you!


Our Purpose

Jim: "I help people help themselves both by bringing people together and getting things done and by coaching and mentoring individuals to get unstuck, and exceed their own expectations"


Margaret: "To help leaders be their best by finding their greatest strengths and gifts in themselves and in those around them"


Kyle: "Being a reliable and trusted resource to help organizations solve problems by leveraging systems, tools, and structures to scale impact"


Sheila: "To enhance or enlighten people and organizations by asking the tough questions, diving deep and looking through a new lens"


Ben: "Equip organizations with the tools and systems that enable them to thrive and realize their full potential through people"


Laura: "To address the client's concerns by understanding and exploring issues on and below the surface"


Shalyn: "Building healthier environments where relationships are formed and problems are solved"

Patrick: "Provide healthcare organizations with the information that they need to make fair and informed employee compensation decisions"


Regan: "Empowering people to realize their greatest potential and maximize their opportunities"


Brett: "To give back to the family business and to our clients who gave me the opportunity to learn and grow"

Erin: "To cultivate relationships that deliver solutions, foster engagement, drive high-performance and advance people & organizational development"


Megan: "To provide a solid output that in turn will help organizations determine an effective approach to their people strategy"