Six Critical Tips for a Collaborative Leadership Environment - Day 2

We’re talking this week about the continuous shifting environment in healthcare, and a model for success developed by the Center of Creative Leadership that may just help your organization proactively respond – building leaders today that make a positive difference tomorrow!

Leadership Tip 3. Talent transformation

Are you considering your talent pool – possibly even accessing talent beyond the walls of healthcare?  Responding to a new business environment, healthcare leaders will need to hire and develop those that recognize and proactively respond to what’s coming next…not simply what has always been done.  Rapid and continuous change is the new norm – requiring organizations to develop comprehensive strategies for hiring, developing and retaining top talent in business and clinical practices - building a culture steeped in continuous assessment, improvement, self-awareness and development. Consider this…do you have the right tools in place to make this happen?

Leadership Tip 4. Boundary spanning

As the saying goes, ‘there’s strength in numbers’ – but in healthcare, this can bring opportunity as well as challenge!  Leadership is challenged by the broad spectrum of healthcare layers (physician practices, private/public sectors, and the list goes on); however, as CCL reminds us, “leaders at all levels must have boundary-spanning capabilities [utilizing] support from multiple perspectives and stakeholders”[1] to co-create, innovate – and translate into real solutions.

[1] Browning, H., Torain, D., & Enright Patterson, T. (2016). Collaborative healthcare leadership: A six-part model for adapting and thriving during a time of transformative change. Retrieved from

Written by:

Shalyn Eyer