By: Melissa Mead


There’s a little voice in the back of our minds that speaks to us on occasion.  Sometimes it tells us that we can’t, while other times it tells us that we can.  The older we get the better, or more skilled I should say, we become at analyzing that little voice.  We either succumb to it’s demands, or we fiercely rebel against it.  No matter what we do for a living, and no matter if we’re Boomers, Millennials or Gen-Xers, that little voice lives within all of us, and we go about our days deciphering what it keeps trying to tell us, and making tough decisions.      

Millennials know that they are often stereotyped as lazy in comparison to Boomers.  All the same, Boomers are aware of their stubbornness when it comes to technology and getting with the times.  But one thing that our generations can certainly fuse on involves how we approach each day.  

Just as we become better at listening to that little voice in our head, we must be better at embracing both the hard days and the easy days.  They both exist for a reason, even though it usually seems like they happen for no reason at all.  Now, ignore the fact that the quote below is a running quote, because let’s be real… it’s basically a life quote.  Seriously. 

“Accept the days when running seems impossible.  Embrace the days when running seems effortless.”  - Anonymous 

In order to keep our sanity (and our chins) up, sometimes we simply must accept what is thrown at us on any given day.  Of course, we will choose to combat or tackle struggles that we come up on.  We also, once again, are given the choice to do what we will with that pesky little voice that may tell us to give up, or back down.  It is up to us to not only be strong, but also smart.  What has your little voice been telling YOU?