Aging with Conflict

The majority of us will likely agree that the older we get, the better (or more efficient perhaps) we become at certain things. Things like, oh I don't know,... arguing, listening, lying, telling the truth, conversing with other human beings, conducting reason, having patience (applicable to a select few), and probably a laundry list of others that could wrap around the earth a few times over.

Ironically enough, the one thing that would seemingly be the crux of all of these sharpened skills, is conflict management. The dots all connect. So, does that mean that the older we get, the better we become at dealing with conflict? Just something to think about.

Forbes Magazine deems Leadership a "full-contact sport." Laugh if you will, but expect some nicks and bruises along the way. Boomers are well aware of this, Gen-Xers are familiar with this, and Millennials are in the midst of learning this. People are like wine. As we age, we develop. We continuously become better versions of ourselves. We accumulate experiences such as trial and error, success, failure, love, heartbreak. Again, this is another list that can simply go on fro decades. But, all of these experiences only provide us with the finest ammunition in our artillery of problem-solving dexterity. Thus, it is highly probable that as we age, our ability to deal with conflict is incessantly perfected.

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