Sauvignon Strategery

As a Midwest transplant to California, I still revel in the perks of living in the Golden State:  ocean views, beach access, temps in the 70’s in January, and of course, and one of my favorites – the wine.  With Paso Robles, Sonoma, Napa and Temecula just a drive away living, here has refined my palate.  In those weekend getaways, I get to see (and taste!) the breadth and depth of 90% of the US wine producers first hand.   As the industry grows, reaching into the Pacific Northwest, across the country, and ultimately the globe, consumers have more options – and business owners have more challenges to meet demand.

Recently Entrepreneur online shared the case study about the Australian winery Casella wines, and how they took the “Blue Ocean” approach to marketing their wine.  In a fairly saturated industry, Casella (who also produce beer and spirits) decided they wanted to tap into a new population of wine drinkers.  In order to find the “blue oceans” (untapped parts of the trade) Casella had to dig deep into the cellar of industry knowledge and create a strategic marketing plan.

With increasing industry competition, many wineries are seeking to understand the industry’s palate to make strategic business decisions about production, marketing, and people practices.  The FutureSense team found that this data was hard to find in an aggregated place.  Leveraging over 25 years of collecting this data in other industries, our team has produced and is actively collecting data to help the wine, beer, and spirits industries understand all of the moving parts to build a successful business plan.

 If you are interested in participating – please contact Shalyn Eyer ( or contact any member of the FutureSense team.

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