Do You Know Your Influencers?? #BeerWineSpirits #HumanResourceSurvey

It’s certainly not ‘hot off the press news’ that the face of business is changing - globalization is increasing at an exponential pace, competition is fierce, and the talent pool is shrinking – and the beer, wine, and spirits industry is certainly not immune to this changing phenomena.  

In light of these trends, there are still exciting things taking shape!  The wine industry is expected to see its strongest growth in the fine wine category.  Brewers are sweeping the nation with an emphasis to wow their customer base with the variety of robust flavors they crave, and distilled spirits are gearing up for some intense millennial marketing game-changers!

All the while, companies are working diligently to recruit and retain the talent they need to meet business and consumer demands, understand their industry influencers, and the impact of their stakeholders to build better and stronger business models.  Doing so requires information – relevant, rich data that allows leadership to make forward-thinking, trend-setting decisions.  Harvard Business Review and the UK’s Innovation Foundation research shows that companies implementing data-driven decisions are up to 8% more productive and profitable than their peers.  Firms that engage in analysis driven decisions are learning how to effectively manage their talent, building impactful marketing strategies, and moving to the front lines of the competition.

Knowing this information is difficult to find, the FutureSense team is actively engaged in collecting data in the beer, wine, and spirits industry to inform organizations on employee compensation trends, business strategy and culture, environmental conditions, and stakeholder engagement.  With over 25 years managing and producing benchmark surveys we are excited to provide this data, complimentary to all participants.  To find out how to participate contact Shalyn Eyer at