Preview: FUSE - Making Sense of the New Cogenerational Workplace

Whether we admit it or not, there are more similarities than differences amongst today's existing generations. We live in a working world that is essentially a mashing up of the 20th century workplace and the 21st century workforce. But here's the kicker. We play in the same sand box. Boomers either won't or can't retire, and Millennials and Gen-Xers are beginning to really inhabit the workforce. So our question is, how do we connect with one another? Sure, we can try to understand that the old 20th century workplace values are fading out. Sure, we can try to gain wisdom about the new kids coming up into the workplace. But what we must truly understand is that stereotypes don't work anymore. There are plenty of Boomers who possess Millennial-like traits, and vice versa. Thus, our goal is to think through a different lens, and allow ourselves to be influenced by how other generations work. Our goal is to spark the conversation, about the Cogenerational workplace and ignite the fuse to figure out how we can work together successfully!