Age is But a Number

Flying over the Grand Canyon en route to San Antonio, I was knee deep in a crossword puzzle.  You know the ones.  They’re in the back of the Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine on the backs of passengers’ seats. 

On the hunt to locate said crossword puzzles, I stumbled upon an article as I was flipping through the magazine.  It had a picture of an old, tattered coffee mug with a baby’s bottle top attached to the top of it.  Needless to say, the image grabbed my attention.  It was titled “38% of People are Older than their Boss.” 

Even the first sentence threw me for a loop . . .

“If your supervisor was still in diapers when you landed your first job, you’re not alone.”

Being that the younger generations in today’s workplace have been defined as more anxious to move up on their company’s ladder, and at a quicker pace, it’s no surprise that a decent number of people answer to a supervisor who just so happens to be younger.  Heck, if they’re qualified and have an awesome work ethic, then so be it!  I once had a manager at a Starbucks Drive-Thru who was younger than everyone except two.  Despite her age, she was the right person for the job because of how fast paced our store’s environment is.     

The article also gave way to the notion of older generations not wanting (or being able) to retire, which in turn will presumably account for a wide variety of generations working together. 

“With more people delaying retirement, it’s estimated that five generations will be active in the workforce by 2020.” 

This statistic simply blew me away.  Think about your workplace situation for a moment.  Is your supervisor younger than you or any of your fellow employees?       

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