Good Leaders are both Tough and Tender #MotivationMonday

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“Combining empathy with accountability is a unique skill set [that] no leader should be without.”

- Jane Perdue (on Leadership development)           

Be tough.  Be demanding.  Never settle for anything less than one’s best.  Be goal oriented.  Be driven.  Be charismatic. But be empathetic.  Have your team’s back.  Commend them when they deserve it, and challenge them when you know they can do better.  Demonstrate what Perdue calls “tough empathy.”

A few of Perdue’s tips for leaders to demonstrate tough empathy:   

  1.             Mediate early and constructively
  2.             Don’t sugarcoat a one-way message
  3.             Show some love
  4.             Let it be OK for people to fail (occasionally) 

Do you or your leaders take on these tough and tender attributes?  What are some memorable examples of how you as a leader (or your leaders) have been both tough and tender?