Why I Shut Down My Growing Company to Join Another


Why I Shut Down My Growing Company to Join Another

Last week I let the air out of a balloon I had built and treasured for more than a decade.

About twelve years ago, I decided to start on a journey that was focused on helping companies pay better, grow faster, and succeed more often. Like every nascent company, the first years were exciting, not very lucrative, and full of learning experiences. Although what I knew about my area of expertise was great, how to make that known and valuable to potential clients was shrouded in mystery.

Over the years the company grew. Our clients were diverse, and our approaches were built mostly from scratch to meet the needs of our uniquely different clients. We chose a route being agnostic to regional, industry, and company-type issues. Our focus was providing “unusual compensation for usual companies and usual compensation for unusual companies”. We did it pretty darned well and grew at rates far faster than are typical in our industry. We did so without ever compromising our integrity, innovation, or spirit.

Why in the world would I have put that fantastic company away? The full answer is incredibly complex, but the simple answer is that I found a way to help more companies get better faster.

I have traded my balloon for a rocket and can’t wait to visit new destinations.

I had always told people that I had little ego invested in my company. The purpose of its existence was to make other companies more successful in meeting their goals and objectives. If that could be done even better through another company name, I was happy to explore and join that world.

Through the years I have met hundreds of great compensation consultants. Very few of them approached issues from the same angle of the prism as I did. There are tens of thousands of companies that need help with their human capital needs and my way may work for many, but others may work better in many cases. I loved to collaborate and did so often, but formally joining forces would have required one side or the other to compromise their proven approach.

A while back I found a firm that seemed to look at the puzzle of pay, rewards, and more from the same holistic perspective as me. We did some joint work together and it went great. We did more work together, and it went even better. It seemed silly to continue to give “joint proposals” and create revenue and other pass-throughs. They were a bit bigger in revenue and staff size and were open to hiring me and some key contributors. I decided to join, and some people followed me.

It wasn’t easy to walk away from the company that I put a more than a decade into building. (There may have been a bit more ego in the company than I realized.) But, moving forward is like skipping a few grades in school. You make new friends, have broader horizons and take the fast track to the future you were already aiming for. Best of all my clients have access to everything I was and everything I know, in addition to many new things I would not have been able to offer otherwise.

So, why did I shut down my growing company to join another? I did it because I want to help as many companies succeed as possible. The decision, although somewhat melancholy, is also invigorating, exciting, and full of potential. I cannot wait to share new ideas, services, and experts with all my current clients and every company I am lucky enough to work with in the future. Give me call, send me an email, or shoot me a message if you’d like to chat. (We are also hiring, but only the best should apply.)

Just a quick note. The new company is called FutureSense. We specialize in people strategies and organization solutions that drive positive workforce engagement, unlock the power of purpose, provide support for the development and transformation of culture, and support overall organizational performance. In addition to my core focus of Total Rewards and Motivation, we offer deep expertise in Change Management and Sustainability, Performance and Development, Leadership and Coaching, Succession Planning and Workforce Planning, Executive Recruitment and Engagement and, more importantly, a process for brining all of these together into effective and holistic solutions.

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