A Recipe for Success

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A Recipe for Success


Shifting landscapes in the economy and an overall competitive environment in the workplace can leave an organization challenged to attract, hire and retain the talent required to meet their goals and get the job done.  Keys to meeting these challenges lie in understanding who you are, speaking to your cultural differentiators, and aligning motivators with organizational values.  Couple this with an effective compensation package that entices the talent you desire and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success.

 Designing a compensation plan that secures talent you’re seeking involves setting metrics that correlate with performance objectives and aligning incentive plans that deliver a competitive award system that’s motivating to employees.  But designing effective hiring practices and developing long-term retention goes beyond these extrinsic factors.  Creating a culture of values, relationship-building and purpose goes a long way in building a loyal workforce that’s interested in the overall health of the organization, and being a part of its continued success.

Bottom-line, success can only be achieved when all layers of the organization are aligned.  As a team, particularly leadership, understanding what sets your organization apart from the rest is a crucial factor in enticing new talent. Conversations among all layers of an organization, throughout the employee-life cycle, provides a platform to gather on-going information that helps leadership teams understand the pulse of the environment, whether it’s on track with its goals and when to potentially pivot where needed.  With this in place, a company is prepared to provide its hiring teams with messaging required to fill those critical jobs.

The partnership between your Talent Department and hiring managers serves as your secret weapon in developing a compelling story for open positions and how they tie to your brand – creating intrigue among the candidates you’re aiming to attract.  Once you’ve hooked them, these key players must effectively pass the baton back and forth during the interviewing phase, closing the deal and the subsequent on-boarding process.  A consistent and enticing message throughout will ensure a successful hire. 

With business changing at an increasing rate and globalization impacting even the smallest organization, having the right hiring philosophies and plans in place is mission critical to a sustainable infrastructure.  Seeking to build your hiring brand, optimizing candidate and employee experience, and developing an attractive total reward strategy present keys to success for hiring and retaining the talent your organization requires.

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