Finding Forward Motion in Your Career

Finding Forward Motion in Your Career

Are you struggling to find forward motion in your career?  On cruise control?  It might be time to ask for some feedback that re-primes the motor to move forward again.  Determining whom to incorporate into the discussion is your critical starting point!

  • Begin by determining the right people to ask (emphasis on right) – consider your professional and personal sphere of influence and find those that you trust to tell you the good stuff…along with the stuff that’s a bit muddied (you know…the good, the bad, and the ugly)

  • Motor beyond your comfort zone and consider talking with those that have a different approach than you, maybe even someone you’ve had a disagreement with in the past – this will provide perspectives you won’t receive from your mainstream group

  • Identify those that you’ve known for a good length of time – and most importantly have seen you perform in different settings

Whether you’re moving forward in your career or fine-tuning where you sit now, ongoing and constructive feedback serves as a catalyst for goal development, personal growth, and confidence building!

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