Creating a Spark in Your Emotional Culture

Creating a Spark in Your Emotional Culture

Research tells us that 80% of the cultural environment in an organization is emotional – meaning that when push comes to shove, emotions are always going to outplay the cognitive process as it relates to behavior.  As a leader, if you’ve been out of touch with this component I challenge you to spend some time tuning into the emotional space outside your office this week – what’s the pulse of your people?  Are they engaging with each other and the focus of the day – is there energy in the room?  Or are they functioning in silos with little or negative interaction?  And then get prepared to take it to the next level so that your emotional space is helping, and not hindering, the direction you’re headed.

Creating space for emotion allows leaders to develop a purpose-oriented, passionate-driven workforce – one that works from the heart and is intrinsically connected to the roles of the job and goals of the organization.  Talk about sparking energy!   Ask yourself…

  • Are you intentionally building emotional intelligence at all levels of the org chart?

  • Are your managers trained to identify the emotional tone - building it and supporting it in a manner that allows individuals and teams to blossom?

  • Are leaders and managers staying in tune with burn-out and stress – and putting measures in place to snuff it out?

Apply some intentional time to your cultural tone this week and see what sparks!

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