Why Patient Experience?

Why Patient Experience?

Most of our FutureSense clients know that we spend a lot of time working in the entire continuum of health care.  Whether it’s a hospital or senior living organization, or home health to biomed technical services, we know that the patient has always been at the center of the work of our clients. With this in mind, FutureSense has invested our time, resources, and our minds to develop the “patient experience” area of our practice. 

While the patient has always been at the center of healthcare, the concept of the patient experience has taken a new shape and form as it now plays a role in the bottom line of healthcare organizations.   The patient experience means different things to different people, so we at FutureSense operate using the Beryl Institute’s Definition of “patient experience” which is defined as:

Armed with this definition, FutureSense stands ready to help our clients move the meter by aligning the People Dimension™ practices with the patient experience in your healthcare organization.   We work with organizations to help ensure your environment, culture, development of your people, and the rewards systems drive patient experience results.  

Our Relationship with the Beryl Institute

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