Developing Your Internal Dialogue

Developing Your Internal Dialogue

When pursuing career and other life-endeavors, our internal dialogue goes a long way in shaping our experience.  Aligning the direction we want to go with our internal drivers and dialogue prepares us to show up with confidence and to represent our best self!  It starts with cognitive discipline – paying attention to our thoughts and developing positive self-appraisal.  Actively engaging in this process builds confidence by reframing our points of reference and allows us to speak to who we really are at the core!  

Albert Bandura gave us the concept of self-efficacy and the idea that the level of belief in our capabilities is directly tied to the impact on our lives, our environment and our outcomes.  It’s not about ego – it’s about knowing our own unique gifts and how they can benefit the lives of those around us.   When we understand this perspective, and apply it to our actions, we squash those confidence-killing thoughts (like fear and anxiety) and replace them with a certainty of who we are, why we’re here, and how we bring value.   Think about this perspective when interviewing for a new position, or looking to move up the ladder in your organization.  It’s basic Psych 101, right?  Your self-perception and internal dialogue are going to frame the way in which you “show up”!  

One more thing before you go…don’t ignore the voices of others.  Find your mentors and role-models that will help guide your perceptions – those trusted advisors that provide honest feedback, a supportive stance and a genuine interest in helping you conquer negative self-talk and discover your very best self! 

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