Where Does Your Leadership Focus Lie?

Where Does Your Leadership Focus Lie?

In the words of leadership guru John Maxwell, “Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flowcharts.  It is about influencing others.”  These ‘leaders’ are found across the organizational lines, and possibly in places you never thought to look. According to a UNC Leadership Survey, 85% of respondents agreed that there’s an urgent need to develop their leaders, while only 40% stated that their “high potentials” are prepared to meet future business needs.[1]  It’s time to get intentional about seeking leaders out and providing opportunity for development!

- The more seasoned leaders are easier to spot – and are often referred to as “leaders of managers”.  But just because they’ve been knighted with a leadership title doesn’t mean they’ve honed those critical leadership skills…and this group can often go neglected. Busy schedules and conflicting priorities can hinder time for continued leadership development. This critical mass is subject to competing business priorities, pressure from leaders above and the everyday struggles from those below.  Managing organizational complexity involves strength in self-awareness, learning agility and the ability to think systemically.

- Here’s your sweet spot – your champions across the board!  Emerging leaders and individual contributors are critical members in shaping company culture and contributing to the strategic direction of an organization.  This group often needs assistance in developing their confidence, communication skills, influence and project leadership.  Investment in focused conversations, learning activities and development goals for these individuals equips them to show up as collaborative producers and leaders within the organization.

In summary – find your shining stars and seasoned leader - and support them in their continued success.  Your company, the culture, and the bottom line will thank you!

[1] https://www.td.org/Publications/Blogs/Learning-Executive-Blog/2015/07/Measuring-the-Success-of-Leadership-Development

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