Six Critical Tips for a Collaborative Leadership Environment - Day 3


Six Critical Tips for a Collaborative Leadership Environment - Day 3


We’re talking this week about the continuous shifting environment in healthcare, and a model for success developed by the Center of Creative Leadership that may just help your organization proactively respond – building leaders today that make a positive difference tomorrow!

Leadership Tip 5. Capacity for complexity, innovation, and change

Effective leaders will shift the culture from dependence to interdependence – recognizing the value of and developing leaders throughout the organization.  That interdependence across the lines stimulates conversation around a collective goal, it excites the masses, and drives innovation.  The moving parts shift from being simply cogs in the wheel – to interactive and dynamic structures that improve organizational flow and assist all stakeholders in working together and supporting one another through innovation and change.  As you put the best processes in place, make sure you have the right people in place to implement them!

Leadership Tip 6. Employee engagement and well-being

The conversation around employee engagement is always on the checklist for discussion, but in your conversations around the table, has the word “energy” ever come up?  Energy among your teams is critical for engagement and employee satisfaction, especially in an industry that is 24/7 and emotionally charged!  The next time your leadership team gathers to address this topic, consider this…“Energy is optimized when both leaders and organizations value the whole person, linking individual health and wellbeing to organizational health and well-being through purpose, integrity, and accountability.”[1]  Use this insight to maximize your people-strategies and develop your A-Game culture!

[1] Browning, H., Torain, D., & Enright Patterson, T. (2016). Collaborative healthcare leadership: A six-part model for adapting and thriving during a time of transformative change. Retrieved from

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