Six Critical Tips for a Collaborative Leadership Environment - Day 1


Six Critical Tips for a Collaborative Leadership Environment - Day 1

One thing is for certain in today’s healthcare environment – uncertainty exists!  As organizations grapple with unknown future shifts, minimal or ambiguous response will only slow down the success meter. Healthcare leaders must consider and implement forward-moving action within their organizations to thrive.  Based on extensive research, the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) has created a model that provides organizational tools for your leadership success!  Excited to be a part of the CCL family, and have these resources at our fingertips, we’ll focus this week on six critical organizational capabilities for a collaborative leadership environment. 

Leadership Tip 1. Collaborative patient-care teams

Nothing new to us, right?  We know that patient experience should sit at the heart of the organization; but are you really practicing it?  Success comes by engaging clinical and administrative staff – all those involved in the care-giving experience – in active and purposeful dialogue, training on listening and story-telling skills, and collaborating across the lines to ensure problems are solved and decisions are made in a way that engages everyone and ensures everyone gets the right message.

Leadership Tip 2. Resource stewardship  

Connecting the patient experience to the bottom-line, CCL reminds us that “hospitals need both patient-focused business professionals and business-minded clinicians who can keep patient care top of mind.”[1]  This means building a culture of accountability and transparency, innovative solutions, and an entrepreneurial spirit.  Effective resource stewardship requires strategic leaders that understand performance metrics, financial indicators, engagement, and patient satisfaction.  Like so many of our clients have discovered, a willingness to hold creative conversations builds a leadership team and employee-culture that engages everyone, doesn’t break the bank, and stimulates the bottom-line.

[1] Browning, H., Torain, D., & Enright Patterson, T. (2016). Collaborative healthcare leadership: A six-part model for adapting and thriving during a time of transformative change. Retrieved from

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