Happy New Year: 6 Great Habits To "Reset" In 2017


Happy New Year: 6 Great Habits To "Reset" In 2017

Happy New Year!  May 2017 bring you love, laughter, friendship, challenge and abundant gratitude!! 

As I reflect on 2016, I have so much to be grateful for.  A great family, wonderful friends, colleagues and clients that give me such meaning and purpose and who accept my thoughts, support and guidance.  

When I think about a New Year’s resolution for 2017, it feels amazingly daunting.  Such pressure!  Like giving up candy for Lent back in the day.   What if I fail?   Then what do I do?  According to the Huffington Post, only 8% of people actually keep their New Year’s resolutions.  Not very promising statistics. 

A resolution sets firm, hard decisions to do or not do something.  Dr. Roberta Anding from Baylor College of Medicine has a different approach.  She says instead of a firm, hard decision for January 1, 2017, why not do a “reset”; an opportunity to “set again” or set your habits differently. 

I LIKE IT!  (It’s an opportunity to evaluate every day… if I need to.  And some days, I just might need to.)

So here are some of my “resets for 2017” taken from daringtolivefully.com

  • Play

  • Read more books

  • Be more grateful (I don’t think one can ever be too grateful!)

  • Become more confident… not over-confident … but confident

  • Increase your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  • Start a blog (How about that?)

Some of these I will be wildly successful at, and some I will, no doubt, have to “reset” from time to time.  But my 2017 “resets” show up as a blank notebook.  I get to use it however I choose.  The pages are simply waiting to be filled. 

So, let me ask you… What’s your “reset” for 2017? 

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