Project Management: What's in your Bag of Tricks?


Project Management: What's in your Bag of Tricks?

Effective project management requires a multitude of internal resources, including strong people and project management traits that support the organizations’ ongoing projects – along with methods and tools that serve as a driving force for project success. To my surprise, the majority of clients that I work with have no standard or preferred project management methodology that is used across all projects, thus, they experience inconsistent results.

If you are one of those organizations that lacks a standard project management methodology, then you have come to the right place. Stay with us over the next several days as we explore the top 10 activities you can implement as part of your project management ‘bag of tricks’ when it comes to launching your next initiative.

Tip #1 Establish Project Roles and Responsibilities

Before you even begin selecting potential members of a project team, define roles and responsibilities for team members, project sponsors, the PMO, project managers, subject matter experts, and any executive decision making body/group that you anticipate will be involved with the initiative. Defining this information up front with help you align the right people to each role. Work with key decision makers or project sponsors to finalize roles and responsibilities.

Tip #2 Complete a Project RASIC

A RASIC is a document used to define responsibility, accountability, sign off responsibility, who to inform, and who to consult regarding key project activities and deliverables. It is typically created once a project plan has been developed, as it should reflect key activities or deliverables. It’s best to work collaboratively with a project team to create this important document, as it helps the team understand levels of accountability, defines exactly what they are responsible for regarding activities and deliverables, and sets expectations for how and when they will interact with one another regarding project work.

Written by: Corinne Sinnigen

Expertise in organizational change management, project management, professional facilitation, and executive coaching

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