Tips to Managing Organizational Priorities Day 3

Tips to Managing Organizational Priorities Day 3

If you are a leader in an organization having to distinguish between wants, needs and must haves, then you are no stranger to the level of stress the effort can present.  We’ve been considering some tips to navigate this space throughout the week – let’s keep the conversation going as you share your tips for success!

Tip #5: Stick to your deadlines

It’s important to identify and stick to strict deadlines to avoid spending too much time on one priority over another, as there may be some priorities that do not or simply cannot change in terms of timing. Once deadlines have been identified, it may be helpful to project plan the work needed to address priorities so that you are clear on what activities that support the priorities need to occur, when they must be done, and who will do them.

Tip #6: Be flexible as needed

Change is inevitable, so remain flexible as a way to help deal with changing priorities, making adjustments along the way by using the criteria you developed for assessing urgency and value as your guide.

Taking the time to prioritize and effectively manage work is a vital part of realizing organizational goals. By applying these simple tips, you will experience greater productivity and a sense of accomplishment by setting greater focus on those things that really matter for your organization.  

Written by: Corinne Sinnigen

Expertise in organizational change management, project management, professional facilitation, and executive coaching


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