Pre-dawn Exercise, Ready for the Day.

Pre-dawn Exercise, Ready for the Day.

Yep, it’s the truth - I get up very early five or six days a week and hit the gym before breakfast.  It’s usually still dark outside and the family’s tucked in bed sound asleep.  Even though it’s harder some days than others to get moving, I love it and rarely miss a day!  I’ve been doing this early morning routine for many years.  Why, you ask?  Four great reasons really…

 (1) After a great morning workout, I’m ready for the day.  (2) I get my exercise out of the way before I have time to make excuses later in the day – like how I don’t have time to work out.  (3) My early mornings at the gym help keep me fit and healthy.  And (4), when I get up early and exercise, I’m more prepared to handle the obligations of the day.

My pre-dawn “exercise” lands me at the gym, but it may look different for you.  Early morning practices may include meditation or another comfortable routine that sets the tone for the day – sky’s the limit really.  You can define your own “exercise” in any number of ways that makes sense and prepares you for the day ahead.  The important thing is to discover what it is and stick with it!

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