Fluffer-Muffin; High-Fives; Constantly Evolving

Fluffer-Muffin; High-Fives; Constantly Evolving

Three categories that drive me, make me happy and inspire me to be the best possible version of myself.

1) Fluffer-muffins: call it juvenile, but I still am a child at heart whenever I am around a gorgeous animal (golden retrievers have a special place in my heart). It is my dream one day to have a farm with hundreds of rescues where I will live life with a constant smile on my face.

2) High-fives: I am extremely competitive in every aspect of my life, particularly athletics. I love the spirit of the game, I love winning but I live for competition because of the team atmosphere and celebration of success.

3) Constantly evolving: The only constant in life is change - and whether it’s a new ingredient to make my risotto or eggs benedict “out of this world” or a shift in the business environment which causes a diversion of attention and resources, the evolution provides everlasting energy to keep me going.

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Pre-dawn Exercise, Ready for the Day.