Everything and The Farmhouse Sink

Everything and The Farmhouse Sink

I’ve been living without a kitchen for almost 3 months now, and without a downstairs for almost as long.  I know, I know…the first world problems right? - but I suspect I’ve caught your attention! When we discovered the leak, and while annoying fans and de-humidifiers have buzzed throughout our home, my goal has been to stay positive.  And as I’ve watched the demolition of a kitchen that I loved, I worked hard not to complain, cry, or gripe – and until a week ago I did a pretty good job. Then the issue with the sink arose…

It’s a farmhouse sink (the one I have been geeking over for years), and pretty simple to install - glued to the flat surface underneath it, in the position where we want it.  The cabinet company told us the countertop people needed to set the sink…the countertop people said a plumber needed to set it…and then of course, the plumber said he in fact could not set the sink.  Let me set the stage a bit further.  I am fortunate to work virtually.  So while working in my office (the only part of the downstairs not affected by the leak), I spent my “work day” repeatedly interrupted by workers who could not set the sink.  Can you imagine my irritation?  One, I am over having my house in disorder; two, how hard is it to figure out who is going to set the sink?; and three, my work flow is continually interrupted.

Before you feel like you’re stuck in a “woe-is-me” country song however, let me balance my frustration with my gratitude for being able to work from home…to be present when these situations present themselves.  But when the chaos is not work-related, how do I keep the chaos from over flowing into my work world? And vice versa? It’s a balance 5 years into working virtually that I am still figuring out.  But not because I can’t…life just changes.  What?  Life changes?  Shocking, I know.  It’s an on-going balancing act – keeping the chaos siloed – not allowing it to swirl into all areas of my life.  People always tell me how lucky I am to work from home, and trust me, I am…I have a job I love, working with people who are like family, and able to be home when my kids come home from school.  But it’s not as easy as everyone presumes, and it’s not for everyone.  You have to be nimble and dedicated.  You have to stay focused, and remember to eat (sounds silly, but it’s true…there aren’t people buzzing around, asking you to lunch). 

But am I more productive?  Yes. 

Am I happier?  Absolutely! 

Do I have good work-life integration?  Definitely. 

Is it easy to turn work off when I’m home in the evening and don’t need to be working?  No – not always. 

Is it hard to disconnect on the weekend?  Yes. 

Can it get lonely?  At times – which, by the way, makes the virtual team dynamic extremely important. 

Would I change it?  Not in a million!

Is FutureSense unique?  For sure.  Our team is strong, balanced, and authentic.  As strange as it may sound, being virtual has brought us closer together.  We appreciate relationships and the value of staying connected… not only through technology, but through phone calls and face-to-face meetings.  Through our human connection – all attributes that flow over into our relationships with our clients.

Is the sink set?  No.  But I’ll be here, in my home office, when someone finally decides who should do it…and gets it done!

Written by: Regan Poston


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