We All Have Gifts - Find Yours!

We All Have Gifts - Find Yours!

I have a passion for seeing people as individuals and helping them identify their strengths. It’s quite refreshing and almost a relief knowing that everyone does not have to be good at EVERYTHING – think about it…it’s powerful in a way. Each of us is unique and created for a distinct purpose. I believe society focuses so much on what we are not good at versus leveraging our natural born, and developed , strengths and talents. For example, there are “assessments” to help people understand themselves in greater depth; yet those tools spend the majority of time focusing on things the individual struggles with or needs improvement on, rather than honing in on strengths. This is critical stuff when it comes to individual development and subsequent team-building.

The most effective and productive teams are diverse and have a variation of gifts. When organizations understand this concept it adds value to each team member, and the overall team product is exponentially better.  This makes the collective team effort much more valuable than one of the most valuable team members. When the team operates at its best, the results are more than additive.  They are multiplicative - with the best talents of one person spurring the best of another - and so on to produce results beyond what one individual can achieve alone. Companies that understand how to leverage what their staff are naturally inclined to do well, will get so much more from their employees – engagement, loyalty and true commitment.  Marrying passion, natural gifts and purpose should be the goal of each organization.

Personally, FutureSense provides this for me. I am fortunate to blend my personal and professional passions on a daily basis. I naturally gravitate toward relationships with meaning and deep-rooted connections, and I am able to fulfill this passion in the work I do – sharing it with our clients and with my colleagues. I am also able to balance family and career while engaging in meaningful work that is continually growing and evolving me as an OD professional.  I work hard to identify and utilize my strengths – and I encourage you to do the same!

"Once a teacher, always a teacher”

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