"Once a teacher, always a teacher”

"Once a teacher, always a teacher”

My first “career” profession was teaching high school math.  After completing my undergraduate in Mathematics & Economics I went straight into a 1-year teaching credential program, certifying me to teach secondary mathematics.  You see, I grew up in a family of teachers  - dating back to my Great Grandmother, an elementary school teacher for 40+ years - so this seemed like a very natural progression and almost obvious choice.  I was attracted to the teaching profession through my family connection and history in the field; and it suited my passion to help others and teach a skill that may not come naturally or enhance a gift that was innate, but perhaps not always apparent to the student.

I loved being able to influence students’ lives beyond an academic setting, and more importantly help them develop as young individuals in our society.  After four years of teaching, I began to question whether or not I wanted to remain in this field for the next 30+ years.  I was torn…on the one hand I loved the ability to make a difference, help others and create impactful relationships; however I was continuing to struggle with feeling like my role had become simply focused on standardized tests and the latest and greatest math standard.  As I continued to have these mixed feelings about staying in my profession I began to entertain other possible careers, but struggled to find something that appealed to my desire to help others and develop strong relationships, yet also feed my nerd fix for math.

Fast forward to my second “career” at FutureSense, where I have now spent the same amount of years that I did in the classroom (hard to believe), and I have found the perfect mix that I did not think existed.  I am able to teach our clients (and colleagues) on a daily basis and feel that I can make a lasting impact on the organizations we work with.  There are many parallels to teaching and FutureSense, except for the summers off :) - and I feel blessed to be able to have found a career that allows me to fulfill my individual passions of creating long-lasting and meaningful relationships and finding solutions to problems (analytical and otherwise).

Written by: Ben Teichman


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