Family - Faith - Growth - Relationships - Chaos - Silence #Storytelling

Family - Faith - Growth - Relationships - Chaos - Silence #Storytelling

I grew up the youngest of six kids and with two amazing parents.  Family comes first.  It always will!  My growing up in such a blessed family taught me about love, respect and responsibility, and how to be an awesome mom.  

I am grounded in my faith, but not sure growing up that I really understood it.  It has been a spiritual journey, but I now know that as much as I want to be in control, He’s got this.  

Growth is about my career.  I have wanted to work with people and share in their growth for as long as I can remember.  Growth leads to great relationships and I cherish each one I have, both personally and professionally.  If I can help someone grow and find their success, then I have been successful.  

My life is full of chaos, and not always bad chaos, just the busyness of life.   I thrive in making it all work and feeling accomplished with the 85 things on my list.   Perhaps it won’t always, but right now, chaos works for me.  

Silence speaks to me in those moments in time where I just want to take it all in - in the quiet splendor of my surroundings.   It is when I feel the most blessed about my life. 

Adventures await. Partner alongside. Where now? #Storytelling

Secret Left is Firing. Let's Go! #Storytelling