Secret Left is Firing. Let's Go! #Storytelling

Secret Left is Firing. Let's Go! #Storytelling

As I was thinking about my six-word story, everything kept pointing back to one thing, Surfing.  Surfing is my passion.  It’s what keeps me going every day.  Many people may think it’s a really fun novelty thing to do in summer, as the movies and Hollywood portray it to be; but for me it is so much more than that. 

Surfing is a mental, physical, and spiritual release.  When I am surfing I tap into another dimension and instantly focus only on being in the present (as my mind often lives in the future – yes, pun intended).  It is an instant stress reliever, delivers an incredible workout, and the connection to the outdoors and ocean rejuvenate my soul.  It’s not just about riding waves but rather an artistic expression focused on style and a deeper connection with nature.   It presents an unknown, ever-changing, dynamic set of conditions that consist of all different kinds of variations of swell, wind, tide, weather and crowds.  Dealing with those factors can be challenging; but more often than not for me, it’s exhilarating.

Surfing gives the perfect balance to pair along with the more routine nature of modern life and a heavy left-brain focus at work.  After a morning session at my local break, I am energized to get cranking away at FutureSense and un-phased by intense analytical focus or long hours into the evening.  However, if I said that surfing provides me with success and fulfillment working at FutureSense, the statement is backwards.  It is FutureSense that allows me the flexibility to pursue my passions and therefore be the best I can be at work, at home with my family, and life in general.  The theory of work-life balance holds true but it’s more of a work-life integration.  The secret is out for all those looking for the best total rewards formula to recruit, retain, and motivate their employees:  Allow your people to pursue their passions to encourage a more engaged, purpose-driven workforce.

Now back to that other secret I was talking about earlier…. I can’t tell you where it is - but I’ll take you with me.  Secret left is firing.  Let’s go!  

Written by: Kyle Jaimerena

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