Adventures await. Partner alongside. Where now? #Storytelling

Adventures await. Partner alongside. Where now? #Storytelling

Last year, my girlfriend and I embarked in a new stage of our lives by moving out to Denver, Colorado from California. Being the same age, our wants in life are congruently aligned at this moment. We are young, spirited and ready for what is thrown at us, but the direction in which our lives could go is still up in the air. I know we might take different paths at some points, but ultimately, we know the paths will end at the same destination. For the time being, the excitement lies in the mystery of which path do we take next? 

That being said, I struggled when first moving out to Denver. My life transitioned in so many different directions all at once, that it was overwhelming at the time; transitioning from moving out of California for the first time, moving in with my significant other for the first time, working from home with my friends and family 1,000 miles away, and (easily the hardest transition) not having an affiliation with a soccer team. Though it was a tough transition, what helped was going on adventures in our new environment.

When we first moved here, we spent the first few months taking weekend trips to different towns up and down the Rocky Mountains. It amazingly made both of us very comfortable with the move, enriching our experience in this new environment.

Adventures take your mind off your troubles and also help further connect you with the people you take them with. As we are a year into our move, we could not be happier. We miss our friends and family everyday, but we know this adventure will continue and I couldn’t be more excited. And I readily embrace the question - where do we go next?

Written by: Brett Finkelstein

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