Rescued From Delivering, Delivered to Success #Storytelling

Rescued From Delivering, Delivered to Success #Storytelling

My story is focused on a time in my life not that long ago - 2014 to be precise. That year I was working with a childhood friend of mine at a job that I really didn’t enjoy. Candidly, I was just there to spend time with my friend, while barely making any money at all.  My former supervisor was very untrusting - installing “security” cameras that faced our monitors and setting up the office to observe us throughout the day. I began looking for work anywhere that I could – two months later I was working for the postal service. I was fortunate enough to find work at the post office down the street from where I live, delivering mail in my neighborhood and other nearby areas.

The postal service was a decent job - very physical, with a daily hustle and grind to just deliver what appeared to be 90% junk mail.  I just wasn’t prepared to carry around junk mail for the next 35 years, and I started contemplating another career path. During this entire year I would occasionally bump into my old friend Kyle out in the water while surfing. I remember when he first started at FutureSense – and how awesome it sounded.

I told him that if there was ever an opening I would love to be considered, and continued to remind him each time our paths crossed.  My persistence finally paid off - or he just got tired of me pestering him - when he called me one day regarding a potential position with FutureSense. The following week I called Jim (FutureSense President & CEO) to talk further, met with Sheila in my post office uniform at a frozen yogurt shop, spoke with Margaret over the phone, and spent a few hours watching Kyle and Ben at work to be sure that this was what I wanted to do.

A few days later Kyle called me and offered me the position and that very same day I submitted my resignation to my supervisor. I was finally part of the FutureSense team - rescued from delivering, delivered to success!

Written by: Patrick Dobrowolski

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