The Power of the Story

The Power of the Story

The legend goes something like this…renowned novelist, Ernest Hemingway, once wrote his memoir in six powerful words, scribbling them on a bar napkin as he shared lunch with his friends.  The words he penned? “For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.”  Powerful words indeed, capturing a wealth of emotion and driving the reader to inquire more.  One might envision this group of friends and colleagues, sitting around swapping stories, engaging in interactive banter over a meal.  In fact, what they were doing was connecting, bonding, and deepening understanding as they discussed their roots, their challenges, and their victories (hmmm...something we do both at home and in business).  Even if not cognitively aware of it, we engage in storytelling everyday – it’s how we share, connect, learn, and grow.

At FutureSense, we consider nurturing relationships a core value – among our internal team, as we engage with our colleagues, and as we connect with our clients.  We recognize the value of sharing our stories, and listening to yours. Stories develop from personal experience, yet they shape our professional experience as well, and ultimately connect every part of our lives.  In the Circle of 9 Muses, David Hutchens, writes, “Storytelling is influence.  And when you tell stories purposefully, you establish identity.  Build culture. Speed the change process.  Enrich the brand [and] align people to strategy.”  

We believe that who we are as individuals, and a collective, drives the way we do business and the way in which we relate to our colleagues and friends.  Over the next several weeks, each of our team members will tell his or her six-word story.  We will share the moments and experiences that inspire and guide us along the way. 

We hope that you’ll join us on our journey – and we’d love to hear your stories as well!


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