The Words we Live By

The Words we Live By

Who is the real you?  Has someone ever, having just met you, asked you that?  Well?… What is your response?  We’ve talked about purpose and why we do what we do.  But what are our foundations built upon?  What inspires us to do the little things?  What goes through our minds as each week begins as opposed to when it comes to an end? 

It’s only just a week, and often only an afterthought.  Most of us have the weekend constantly on the brain anyhow.  But if we really think about it, a week is a whole seven days that we can’t get back.  Did we accomplish all we set out to do that week?  If not, then why?  What prevailed importance over us checking off everything on our weekly to-do list?  I mean, things come up.  We weren’t born yesterday.  However, did we bring distractions upon ourselves?  What it some cosmic, subconscious distraction, or an act brought on by the ever dreaded procrastination?  

Our ultimate slogan and words we live by at FutureSense, LLC are such: Thoughtful. Responsive. Authentic.™

As human beings, we are presented with choices that overtime, will unveil our truest self.   In the meantime, we must ask ourselves how we can be more thoughtful.  What is our day to day thought process?  Everyone has a routine, but can it be more effective in helping us accomplish what we strive to? -- yes.  Do we constantly consider the opposing point of view and what those we communicate may think or say?  In being thoughtful, comes being anticipatory. 

And in being anticipatory, we need to ask ourselves how we can better our responsiveness towards others.  Just like anything else, how we interact with others requires us to be the best listeners we can possibly be. 

Then of course, we must pay attention to our authenticity.  How can we be the best and most authentic versions of ourselves on the daily?  How can we authentically connect with others? 

How were you Thoughtful this week?  Responsive?  Authentic?              

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