Meaningful Responses …

Meaningful Responses …

What exactly does it mean to have authentic respect for others in the workplace?  Why exactly do we want it?  How do we even judge respect?  How do we measure our barriers?  And how do we respectfully deliver meaningful responses to those we work with?  How do we even define what a meaningful response is?  

All of these questions are ones that float around, usually subconsciously in our minds, and we hardly ever write them down on paper or say them aloud. 

Truly acknowledging respect for one another is one of those things that is often pushed aside.  We like to assume that it exists, and that it’s just some unspoken letter-of-the-law-type-rule.  Even when the topics of respect and meaningfulness do come into conversation, why do we tend to focus on the negatives? -- i.e. Assuming that the boss looks down on us, or that he or she could care less about our personal lives, or other crazy psychotic speculations.  Point blank -- stop assuming, and start listening. 

We at FutureSense, LLC want to listen to you.  We realize the value of people and organizations through strategic and operational work in development, rewards and effectiveness. 

Sure, it may be difficult to come up with how to actually acknowledge the true value of respect in the workplace, and it might take some time to figure out how to put what a meaningful response is into words.  But we’re here to help.  

In the meantime, respectfully, think about what a meaningful response means to you!    

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