Listening to Our Purpose

Listening to Our Purpose

As a wise coach once said, “Sometimes athletes/people just need someone to listen … to their goals, their frustrations, their victories, their losses, their aches, and their hopes.”

This means, that sometimes we must be the best listener we possibly can. Eventually,we will need someone to listen to our trials and tribulations. The most important thing about being a listener, is to do just that. Listen.

We need not interrupt who is talking. Nor do we need to find or suggest solutions to them right away. Nor do we need to have a response for everything. The best thing we can do as a listener, is absorb everything someone lays on the table, and then, go from there. Sometimes they aren’t even looking for a response at all. Sometimes it’s simply therapeutic to divulge onto someone else, and allow those vulnerabilities to surface once and a while. It’s liberating.

We’ve been really putting quite a bit of focus on our own “purposes” lately, and often times we lose track of what our true purpose really is. As we cruise into the weekend, allow yourself the time to either open up about your purpose or perhaps some struggles that are preventing you from fully seeing that purpose. Be the discloser. Also, allow yourself the time to listen to someone else’s. Be the listener. No matter our age nor experience, the more practice we have both in listening and opening up to others, not only the better our own communication skills will become, but we will gain a better and more natural sense of our own purpose.

A fun visual to both think AND discuss, when opening up about our purposes:

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