New Years Changes

New Years Changes

A new year is often accompanied by so many things -- expectations, hopes, goals, resolutions, and perhaps change.  But what does this mean in workplace terms?  More specifically, what will CHANGE mean and look like in the workplace? 

It comes to no surprise that we currently have numerous generations in the workplace today.  According to FUSE, there may be “a growing divide between them, but [that divide] comes from how they have been socialized” and their daily access to technology.  The focus needs to be placed on how we can “move employees from being aware of the change that needs to take place, to internalizing the change in how they work every day [while] adopting new tools and processes.”  Unfortunately, change doesn’t happen overnight, or just by thinking about it. 

Historically, new year’s resolutions tend to be about health, fitness, and one’s wellbeing.  Sure, eating healthier and sweating a few more times a week is equally as important.  But this year, let’s make a pact to focus on changing the things that make us feel stuck.  We can always be working on our connections at work.  Chances are, they could always be stronger or more effective.  Maybe it’s today’s technology that we spend more time, and become more familiar with.  Maybe we just do something that reminds us why we love what we do for a living.  All of these things seem like big, tedious tasks.  But in reality, they’re just little things that we have the opportunity to work on every day.  It’s also these little things that have the opportunity to connect us with others. 

… “As the year comes to a close, now is the time to do an audit of your life and begin to let go of the parts of it that were never for you … The parts you chose for others.  The parts that feel heavy.  The parts that keep you stuck.  Once you get rid of those things and start pursuing what you actually love, you’ll begin to feel what being free really means.  You’ll be living from your soul” -- Mark Groves --                      

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