Showing Up with Purpose

Showing Up with Purpose

A customer approaches the register counter.  Right away, the clerk acknowledges them with a friendly nod and a strong sense of urgency to help.  “I’ll be right with you!” he announces.  The clerk does everything in his power to make sure that in that very moment, the customer is satisfied.  He is no stranger to the broom and dust pan, and nearly cringes at the thought of filth out where the customers walk around.  He comes to work every day with an unbreakable spirit.  He doesn’t fear being degraded by judgmental customers, for it doesn’t matter to him -- his job does.  He is one of the 28% out of the 150 million members of the U.S. Workforce who is considered to be “purpose-oriented.” 

Yes, we all show up to work everyday and get “stuff” done.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are purpose-oriented workers.  Purpose-oriented workers “show up” fully each and every day, and not just physically.  They continuously thrive as both employees AND human beings, at higher levels on every measure that exists.  This is where work orientation comes into play.  No matter how we roll the dice, we are wired to see work in one of two ways, and it remains core to who we are.  The best way to put it? Work orientation is a trait -- not a state.  

We are either primarily all about …

A) Personal fulfillment and serving others


B) Status advancement and income

While we will predominately fall into one of the above categories, it is essential that we continuously ask ourselves the following: Do we define our role of work in our life as a source or personal fulfillment and a way to help others?  Do we experience work as making an impact?  Do we experience meaning in our work? 

Being “purpose-oriented” has oodles of benefits, but in order to find our own purpose, we must focus our attention to what “showing up” to work really means. 

What does showing up mean to you?  

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