What Are You Working For? #FuseFriday

What Are You Working For? #FuseFriday

Now, unless you are that mystery Chino Hills resident who just hit the jackpot (literally) we all are employed for one fundamental reason.  Sure, we might be honestly and insanely passionate about what we do for a living.  But first and foremost, “[we] work for money, no matter how idealistic [we] are … and this includes Millennials.” 

Whether we are willing to admit it or not, compensation is our common denominator -- that is, between our somewhat similar, yet deviated generations.   

As excellently phrased in FUSE, for Boomers, “money paid the expenses in our single-earner family; it served as a measuring stick that showed us how we were performing in relation to our peers; it paved the way in our lock-step promotions; and it is absolutely necessary to funding our retirement.”     

In an earlier post, we made it clear that although “employment is a major part of [our] week, it is not [our] life.”  This is true, for the most part.  Employment just so happens to be that major part of our lives that we can’t exactly ignore, or push aside. 

. . . “Millennials on the other hand, tend to think of pay as a naturally occurring, immediate, direct result of appreciated work, and there is little expectation of and little patience for long-term incremental rewards.” 

Our work may not be our life, but if we plan on being successful and providing for those we love, we surely have our work cut out for us.  We find great pleasure in obtaining new jobs, promotions, and thriving projects, etc.  Similarly, we find ourselves in a frustrating cloud of melancholy and desolation when we lose a job, or are struggling to find a new one.  Our world subtly revolves around our employment, and it could care less about our consent.  But not to worry, we are already subconsciously aware of this.  In the meantime, keep plugging away.  You’re doing a fabulous job!    


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