Life's a Gamble

Life's a Gamble

“Forget the lottery.  Bet on yourself” -- Brian Koslow

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up one day and suddenly accumulate more money than you’d ever know what to do with? 

Imagine just for a moment that it was true.  From my experience, everyone loves this conversation.  You know, the hypothetical one where you expose what car you’d buy if money weren’t such an obstacle, or certain things you’d do right away just because you could. 

We don’t always get to dream big and have that conversation, but when the California Lottery reaches a certain point, we can’t help but bet on it.  We know that the chances of actually winning are incredibly low.  (Like, even lower than struck-by-lightning low or attacked-by-a-shark low.)  But even so, we aren’t afraid to whip out our wallets and take a risk. 

What if we bet on ourselves the way we bet on the lottery?  What if we had that same dreamy faith and vision regarding what our lives could become if we found success in our own work?  I’ll admit, it sounds uber corny, but think about it.  What if, instead of mindlessly punching the clock every week, we made it our own personal goal to try something new every single day?  You never know, perhaps doing one new thing everyday is the answer to becoming more successful, or at least slightly more alive.  An acquaintance of mine puts a dollar in a jar for every mile she runs.  Talk about betting on and believing in yourself!  (Well, or holding yourself accountable).

In my opinion, we don’t believe in ourselves enough.  No matter how much we may love our jobs and where they are and who we work with, there are always tough days.  We take a beating at work, at home, at school, and it’s kind of fun to escape in something so mindlessly fun, i.e. The lottery.  While it rarely feels as though we can think this way about our ordinary lives, try thinking about how good we have it, instead of convincing yourself of how easy life might be if we won the lottery.  If you can do that, then you’ve already won.

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