Creative Disruption

Creative Disruption

“It’s a time when individuals are giving free and full rein to their imaginations and reaping the economic value…  When people with ideas are more powerful than people with machines…  When creative people and organizations are becoming more businesslike, and business is leading the way on creativity.”

                           - John Howkins, The Creative Economy

In the here and now, we have two parallel economies. 

Companies in the ordinary economy are operating in classic supply-and-demand mode.  They have scarce material resources, assert permanent property rights, and compete primarily on price. 

In the creative economy however, individuals and organizations are using resources that are infinite, asserting intellectual rights (which may not be happening in the long term), and are not competing simply and predominantly on price.  CREATIVITY IS THEIR CURRENCY!

Of course, we have moved from a world of diminishing returns (based on a scarcity of physical objects) to a world of increasing returns based on the infinity of possible ideas and people’s genius for using said ideas to generate new products and transactions. 

The Goals of Creative Disruption

  • To tear down/clear away the existing so that a new foundation can be built, and the economy can expand.

  • Expose flaws in the current business model, and highlight areas where improvement/changes are needed.

  • Help inspire adaptation of the business model for future growth!

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