Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

Finding work-life balance is a major quest… especially for Millennials.  Don’t get me wrong.  They like to work hard, but they require lives of their own.

“Employment is a major part of their week, but it is not their life.” 

Rather, it provides the funds to fuel their life.  For Millennials, a career that allows them the opportunity to continue the other aspects of their existence---educational, social, spiritual, or entrepreneurial---is highly attractive.  Truth be told, the employer that finds a way to offer this authentically, will garner loyalty and longevity. 

But wait a minute.  Just when you thought that Millennials were the only ones to yearn for that customized lifestyle, it’s certainly not innacurate that Boomers are also seeking the holy grail of balance.  Yes, they’ve been acculturated to “whoever works the longest hours wins,” but they too seek long-term balance in the fantasized land of retirement.  More and more Boomers are taking a stand in favor of enjoying some daylight hours. 

Just as Millennials want that flexible hours and schedule to do the things that they live for, Boomers are no strangers to wanting similar things.  They don’t want to miss their kids’ or grandkids’ sporting events or dance recital.  And many are even taking on athletic and community activities after normal work hours. 

There you have it folks; the voices from both ends of the age spectrum have spoken.  And they are persuading many employers to accommodate personal schedules.    

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