Wreaking of Routine #WellBeingWednesday

Wreaking of Routine #WellBeingWednesday

All too often, we fall victim to routine.  And while routine can be an excellent thing, it can also be detrimental to us.  Stepping out of routine every so often teaches us to be able to land on our feet in uncanny or unpredictable situations.  It teaches us to be flexible and nimble, and to expect the unexpected.  It even shows us that we can handle more than we’re used to.                         

But what if we did something outside of routine every day? . . . Something that we wouldn’t normally do on the daily.  Perhaps that means finding the opportunity to go outside, soak up some Vitamin D, and breathe in some fresh air--even if only just for a few minutes.  Perhaps it means looking up an inspirational quote or poem on which to ponder and keep in the back of your mind throughout the progression of your day.  Maybe it relates to something you’re dealing with today.  Maybe not.  But it’s different and out of your wheelhouse, and that’s what matters.  Perhaps it means trying something new for lunch, to nourish the body in a different way than you normally do.  Sometimes a little less (or more) protein, sugar, or caffeine can give you that boost of fuel that will carry you effortlessly through the afternoon without plummeting. 

Every day is different, which is why we should treat each day as such.  Yes, routines and guidelines are magnificent benchmarks and gauges.  But every now and again, we need to be refreshed.  We need to hit that “reset” button, and put our mind, body, and soul at ease.  Stop to smell the roses.  You know, that kind of thing.  But seriously, it’s good for you, and your wellbeing.       

** What did YOU do today that was outside of your normal routine?

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