A Cup of Mojo

A Cup of Mojo

It’s no myth that attitude is (just about) everything.  Chances are, if you already convinced yourself that you woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, let’s face it -- you did. 

Nobody likes Negative Nancy, or Debbie Downer, or even Pessimistic Patricia. (Patty for short).  In a nut shell, not only is putting aside negativities upon starting your work day difficult. It is beyond worth it. 

Not only will you feel better going into your day, but those you work with will too.  It only takes one person who has a frown on their face to pollute the surrounding area for others. 

Tips to ditch negativity at the door:

1.  Positivity changes everything in you -- your attitude, your personality, your mood, and what motivates you.  Why put a damper on the day when you can leave the baggage at the door? Embrace your potential productivity!  

2. Don’t take anyone else’s negativity personally. 

3.  It’s fabulous to keep timelines and look ahead to what’s next.  But sometimes, just concentrate on today. 

4. Focus on solutions and what YOU can control.

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