Because We Love What We Do


Because We Love What We Do


The wise Marc Jacobs once said, “Let’s do what we love, and a lot of it.”  Now of course at FutureSense, we don’t have a world renowned clothing line, or handbag collection.  But, we certainly can attest to having something that we love to do . . . Helping people solve problems and optimizing organizational performance and teamwork.  Creating a solution is always the end goal, but it’s the struggles and obstacles along the way, that we thrive on. 

It’s never uncommon to question whether or not you love your job.  In fact, some will say that it is encouraged.  It’s more than important to love what you do for a living.  Chances are, the more infatuated we are with our work, the better we will be at whatever we do.  The only hard part, is pinpointing that thing you love, and simply keep doing it.    That doesn’t mean doing the same thing day in and day out, expecting different results.  Our friend Einstein would’ve called that insanity. 

Going after something that we are truly passionate about, whether if it is in our line of work or not, will only make us better as people and enhance our human capacity.  Some people live for retail, hitting a quota, and making commission.  Others thrive on the hustle and bustle of rapid yet effectively genuine customer service.  Some are enthralled by saving lives and being under a kind of pressure that many of us know nothing about.  But whatever it is that we love to do, and chose to make it our lives’ work, keeping the pedal to the metal (as they say) is more than ideal.      

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