Deskersize! - Strengthening and Stretching Between Conference Calls #WellbeingWednesday

Deskersize! - Strengthening and Stretching Between Conference Calls #WellbeingWednesday

Sitting at a desk in an office or cubicle isn’t necessarily comparable to plowing corn fields out under the sun’s blaze.  It also isn’t any walk in the park, by any means either.  The majority of today’s working world literally sits for a living.  They sit driving their morning commute to work.  They sit a full 8-plus hours at work behind their computer.  They sit on their lunch break.  They sit in their evening commute home from work.  And chances are, once home, they plant themselves on the couch to eat dinner and catch a television show before getting to bed so that they can do it all over again in the morning. 

So with the desk warriors in mind, we at FutureSense invite you to partake in the top 5 best stretches to do while at your desk at work.  We know that sitting at a desk isn’t easy. . . And here’s why:

A)  We’re only human -- Our posture isn’t what it should be.

B)  Sitting for extended periods of time causes us to hunch over, leaving us with that ever-so-enjoyable pain and tightness in our back, shoulders, neck, hips and glutes.  That’s a lot of muscle groups!

C)  Taking time to stretch during your workday will increase flexibility, while reducing tension, and stress. 


1) Chest Stretch - Interlace the hands behind the back, stretching the chest cavity.  This will relieve tension in the front of the body from all that hunching over!

2) Torso Stretch - Lace the fingers together and stretch them up toward the ceiling.  While taking a deep breath, stretch up as high as you can.  Then, exhale and open the arms, sweeping them back down.  Repeat 5-10 times.  This simple movement will alleviate back ache and stretch out your sides and arms as well.

3) Neck Stretch - Sitting, grab hold of the side of the chair with the right hand and gently pull while tilting your head to the left.  You’ll feel the stretch down the right side of the neck and shoulder.  Hold this for 30 seconds, then repeat on the other side.  This will help soothe any neck or shoulder tension. 

4) Hip Flexor Stretch - While standing, take the right leg back as though you’re going to do a lunge.  Squeeze the glutes as you bend the knees, lowering down until you feel a stretch in the front right hip.  Hold this for 30 seconds, then repeat on the other side.  Do this movement to reduce tightness in the hips from sitting. 

5) Spinal Twist - The magical lower back stretch.  In a seated position with the feet flat on the floor, contract the abs and gently twist the torso towards the right, using your hands on your chair to help deepen the stretch.  Make sure to keep the back straight and hips square while twisting only as far as you comfortably can.  Hold this for 30 seconds, and then repeat on the other side. 

** Aim to hit these top 5 stretches a few times per day for optimal results!  Happy deskercizing!

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