Dear Self #MondayMotivation

Dear Self #MondayMotivation

Dear Self,

Good morning.  I hope you’ve had a good night’s sleep, because we have quite a bit to accomplish today.  Well, today and everyday.  Let’s first establish a few things.  Starting today, let’s determine each day’s priorities and stick to them with backbone.  Let’s promise to make each day productive, but also to stay true to our goals.  Everyone has goals, but let’s make our goals PLANS.  Let’s not let words and images and material gain distract us from our daily and long-term aspirations.  After all, they’re only words, and images, and mere things.  Let’s ignore the allure of the snooze button and jump out of our comfort zones with bravery and enthusiasm.  Let’s crank out the not-so-appealing tasks.  Let’s feel satisfied, knowing that we have one less thing to check off our list that day.  Let’s allow each day to be a fresh start.  Let’s not let yesterday’s lows affect today’s highs.  Let’s embrace both friends and foes with utmost respect, because everyone deserves to be greeted with a smile.  Let’s also treat ourselves with respect.  Let’s promise to be the bigger person when the opportunity presents itself, and let’s never look for reward or something in return.  Let’s live in the here and now, and never in the past.  Let’s be the people who we want to become, and not the people others think we should be. Let’s smile each morning we wake up simply because it’s a new day.  Let’s acknowledge that being positive in a negative situation is not naive . . . It’s leadership.  



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