Start Your Week off Right; Set a Goal! #MotivationMonday

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a long or short term goal. There’s nothing quite like setting a goal. The absolute best part about setting one, is that it is unique to you. Each and every one of us is capable of setting goals, but it takes something special to actually achieve them. Some may call it drive. Or perhaps ambition. Or maybe even gumption. Personally, while I do think it’s a combination of things, I’ll admit that I’ve always held the notion of ‘persistence’ up on a pedestal. Persistence is lots of things: It’s respecting your alarm clock. It’s respecting yourself. Persistence is getting yourself out the door. On the days you want to, and  the days you’re dreading it. (Runner’s mojo). It’s getting yourself out the door with a positive attitude. Persistence is improving diet. It’s improving your relationship with yourself. Persistence is keeping your goals within your mind’s reach... Even when they seem out of reach at times. Persistence is sharing your goals with others. It’s sharing your story. Your trials. Your tribulations. Your journey.

But most of all, persistence is about setting that goal in the first place and then having the guts to keep moving toward it. What’s your goal? 

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